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September 2, 2018 admin 10 Comments Site

Hi nutties, since the new tv season is starting. Are there any (new) shows you would like to see capped?

Or do you have any suggestions, recommendations, questions or just like to talk. Leave a comment! 🙂

Happy tv season!


10 Responses to “Open Thread : Requests, talk!”

Hello! Your page it’s amazing and I think that everybody would like “Sierra Burgess Is a loser” (new netflix original)❤ Thanks for taking suggestions. xoxo

Sep 06, 18 at 4:29 am

I posted the movie last Sunday, enjoy! http://movies.homeofthenutty.com/thumbnails.php?album=355

Sep 15, 18 at 12:38 pm

Hi can you cap the new show
Mayans mc. Please & thank you.

Sep 07, 18 at 6:56 am
Sandra Hajek

Hi! First things first – I love your site!!

Now, my requests are not from the recent TV season, but from a few years back:

1) Kings (TV mini series), 12 episodes

2) Political Animals (TV mini series), 6 episodes

Let me know if you need any additional information!

Sep 10, 18 at 1:52 am

Sierra Burgess is a loser and Riverdale please

Sep 10, 18 at 2:43 am

This isn’t a tv show but I can’t find these screencaps anywhere, but Heavyweights !

Sep 12, 18 at 8:21 pm
a random person

could you post Snatch screencaps? both season 1 and season 2

Sep 14, 18 at 7:22 pm

I would love for you to screencap Into The Badlands season 3 that came out earlier this year also Preacher season 2 & 3 lastly i would for you to screencap The Mick season 1 and 2

Sep 16, 18 at 12:38 pm

Can you do screencaps for Shameless season 7 and 8?

Sep 16, 18 at 12:42 pm

Hi !

You have a great a site for screencaps caps lovers

Could you caps: the Bodyguard (BBC series in 6 episodes)
Valor (CW series in 13 episodes)
and The Split ( BBC series 6 episodes )

Thanks a lot for all your work

Sep 24, 18 at 10:24 am


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