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Jan 12, 16   admin   0 Comment
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Castle 7.03 Clear and Present Danger Chicago Fire 3.02 Wow Me Chicago Fire 3.03 Just Drive The Truck Chicago Fire 3.04 Apologies Are Dangerou Chicago Fire 3.05 The Nuclear Option *NEW* Gotham 1.02 Selina Kyle *NEW* Gotham 1.03 The Balloonman *NEW* Gotham 1.04 Arkam *NEW* Gotham 1.05 Viper Nashville 3.01 That’s Me Without You Nashville […]

Oct 27, 14   admin   3 Comments
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A big thanks to the donators for helping with our domain costs. You guys are awesome! <3 A new nutty year and a new tv season has arrived. We also have some new shows moving into our home and they will be added to the galleries soon. On to the caps updates: Castle 7.01 Driven […]

Oct 12, 14   admin   2 Comments
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Bates Motel 2.01 Gone But Not Forgotten Bates Motel 2.02 Shadow of a Doubt Bates Motel 2.03 Caleb Greys Anatomy 10.16 We Gotta Get Out of This Place How I Met Your Mother 9.21 Gary Blauman How I Met Your Mother 9.22 The End of the Aisle How I Met Your Mother 9.23 Last Forever: […]

Apr 06, 14   admin   19 Comments