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Gallery Zips

Dec 20, 16   admin   0 Comment

I think with the way my current work schedule is, I’m going to probably be doing a screencap post at the end of the week from now on. So here’s what’s been updated so far, I hope to have Arrow caught up on by Sunday at the latest, so stay tuned for those captures. We’re […]

Mar 04, 16   admin   3 Comments

Nutty Holly here! Under the read more, you can see all the caps I’ve worked on this week to get caught up, I still have a few to add (Teen Wolf and Arrow) but those will come later on today.

Feb 25, 16   admin   0 Comment
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please note that episode has not aired on Freeform, but it was released on demand and abc’s app. If you don’t want to be spoiled, do not view episode 2’s captures. Gallery | Zips: 1.01 -* 1.02

Jan 15, 16   admin   0 Comment