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A big thanks to the donators for helping with our domain costs. You guys are awesome! <3 A new nutty year and a new tv season has arrived. We also have some new shows moving into our home and they will be added to the galleries soon. On to the caps updates: Castle 7.01 Driven […]

Oct 12, 14   admin   2 Comments
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Why hello nutties. Did you miss our updates? I (soopie) been on a summer break and I slowly am back to capping again. Although there weren’t any real update posts but Nutty Holly capped a lot behind the scenes. Did you know she’s trying to catch up with Teen Wolf? S4 is currently in progress. […]

Jul 29, 14   admin   1 Comment
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Hi nutties, Since MF keep deleting our zips, we wanted to know whether to stop uploading zips or continue uploading. And if yes, do you know any other upload site? Vote, pretty please? 🙂

Mar 12, 14   admin   2 Comments
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Testing. Greys Anatomy 10.13 Take It Back Greys Anatomy 10.14 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away How I Met Your Mother 9.18 Rally How I Met Your Mother 9.19 Vesuvius New Girl 3.17 Sister II New Girl 3.18 3.17 Sister III Supernatural 9.15 #THINMAN The Vampire Diaries 5.15 Gone Girl

Mar 10, 14   admin   0 Comment