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Since we are getting busier and having less time on the net, we can’t keep up with many shows anymore. Well at least, we’re not that fast as we used to be. So we think it’s time to find a new nutty to join our nutty family. Do you want to share your caps with nutties around the web? Do you have capped shows, but have no place to share them? Do you want to be part of our crazy nutty family?
Come fill our application and apply!! We really need someone 🙂 (and if you are willing to cap Glee too, that would be really awesome :))


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A little update on our galleries.

Since the site been slow the last few weeks, we’ve started to move some of our galleries to its own FTP account. Maybe we will move some more galleries soon, we will see how things are going. Please do let us know if you still encounter slow loading. Most of the albums are moved and ready, but the movies gallery is most likely incomplete. Some are already up though, but we are still re-adding the screencaps. And don’t forget to change to the new url, to those that bookmarked the galleries. Byeee 🙂

Movies Gallery

Pretty Little Liar Gallery

The Lord Of The Rings Gallery

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Latest updated galleries/albums:
Grey’s Anatomy

+ We have brought back our TV gallery. The link is:

2 new shows moved into our home> Bates Motel and Nashville. Be sure to check them out!
We will slowly add some of our shows back. Are there any shows you would like us to move back into our home?

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New layout + update the screencaps list page since most of you nutties visit the page. Its list all shows and movies we have capped so far.

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We’ve disabled hotlinking to our caps. So those that are hotlinking our pics and can’t see them, doesn’t mean our site isn’t working. It’s just disabled.

If you want to link a screencap, do so:


instead of to the direct screencap jpg : http://www.homeofthenutty.com/teenwolf/screencaps/albums/209/209TeenWolf0746.jpg

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Heya nutties,

we wanna thank those for the generous donations. We’ve upgraded our server with the donated money and as you can tell the site is working better now, no more errors (hopefully). We are still monitoring the stats of the site, to see if there are still errors and if we need to upgrade it more. So we hope to be back as normal again 🙂

We will also bring back the TV gallery. Are there any shows you want us to move back to our home?

eta: One of our nutties made a poll for shows to cap. Make sure to vote or leave a comment there to your likening 🙂