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First of all thanks to everybody that donated so far. Doesn’t care how much you can help out, every little bit is appreciated 🙂

New layout as you can see.  Back to the original Home Of The Nutty colors and one that fits this tv season. Not 100% done, still need lots of fixes.
We have started capping 2 new shows. The CW’s,  The Secret Circle and Ringer. Don’t forget to check them out.

Do you know a show that is capworthy? Preferably a new show, tag us or mail to: homeofthenutty@gmail.com

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Home Of The Nutty is growing lately, new shows, galleries and new nutties moving into the home. The site appears to be offline and very slow a lot. &%$^**&#@@
Since the existence of HOTN in begin 2007, we have never asked for any donations up until now. We started with only 3 shows and now we are capping 30!! shows and movies. Especially with the usage of BluRay caps which are huge in sizes. Would any of the fellow nutties help us out; get more diskspace (to add more shows/movies), and get faster web loads?

We’ve set up a donate bar on our official site, where you can also follow the progress of the donated amount. We would like to aim it asap.
DONATE? —————————>

Donated nutties: Total 8
K.B, The U.S
A. T, Sweden
R.P, Australia
B.T, Unknown
L.H, The U.S
K.V, The U.S
E.W, The U.S
R.S, Hungary

Mail to: homeofthenutty@gmail.com for requests of your own choice 🙂

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It’s one big fandom family! We need a bigger house, nutties!

Veronica Mars 😀

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We secretly moved to Tumblr too. See you there fellow nutties? And don’t forget to follow us!