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Poll for the nutties.

I’ve looked through every single comment on the previous update. Thanks everybody for the suggestions and replies. I’ve picked a few (popular) ones that I’m interested it.
There were a few good shows that were on the list, but they are sadly not in HD/Bluray quality > Mostly the old theWB shows. So I don’t think we can add them any time soon. Or some shows are capped by many others already.

I’m also surprised by the many requests for The Big Bang Theory. We had a gallery for the show a few weeks ago, but it barely got any hits and feedback. So we didn’t think it was popular.
So anyways on to the poll!

[poll id=”4″]

5 Comments on “Poll for the nutties.

  1. ONCE UPON A TIME!! I’m so in love with that show!! and i can’t find screen caps anywhere for it. Plus you guys are the best!! #shamelesspandering I know but I can’t help it!!

  2. I don’t watch/make arts from any of these shows.
    I run a Game of Thrones centered tumblelog so that’s what I’m hoping to see in the amazing gallery of HOTN 🙂

    Plus, tumblr is very abundant of Game of Thrones fans and fanart, I’m sure they would flock to your gallery once you cap the show regularly.

    (I wish I’m more fluent in english so I can give more reasons, but I do hope to see Game of Thrones season 1 completed) <33333

  3. Once Upon a Time! I love that show! My second choice would be DW, but I’ve been SEARCHING for good screencaps for Once Upon a Time and it’s near impossible! So I’d love to see some from that

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