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New layout and a new nutty!

A new layout for the new year, featuring the gorgeous Kristen Stewart. Still need some fixing on the layout.

Another huge news is that we have found a new NUTTY to join our lovely nutty family.  We also wanted to thank all those who have applied. The amount of applies were insane. It is really good to know that there are so many generous nutties out there. It also was a hard decision to pick a new nutty. So do don’t be disappointed, we may look for a new nutty in the future and feel free to apply again, once we have an open spot 🙂

We picked out Holly out of all applies. We think she can contribute a lot to the site and the nutties out there.
(And we really weren’t kidding about the contribution, because she’s going to cap American Horror Story, which we have seen mentioned a lot in the tagboard! And there are some other shows coming too! ) Give her a big welcome!

The tv show, New Girl is also available in our TV Gallery. Check it out. And we recently starting capping Chuck too, which has its own gallery!

As you can see 2012 is going great and we have lots of moreee goodies to come! We won’t spill and spoil it, so be sure to come back soon!  See you in the next update!

5 Comments on “New layout and a new nutty!

  1. i was caught a little bit by surprised by having kristen stewart as your header but i’m glad to see her up there. she gets so much shit & she doesn’t deserve it. love the colors too!

  2. Welcome, Holly! I’m sure you will make a great addition to the site! I love the new layout! It’s gorgeous! Also, I wanted to say Thank You to all of you Nutties! I have never commented before and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all of your caps! I hope you know how wonderful you all are! Oh, and CHUCK! Mega Love right there! ♥

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