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Slow loading

Hi nutties,

well as many of you noticed the site been verrrrry slow lately. DreamHost is currently in the middle of moving to new servers, while trying to make a painless move. Some sites will expect slow loading.
Our site is one of them, since we are a big site. We hope to be back to normal asap!

6 Comments on “Slow loading

  1. I’ve been getting a 500 error while trying to access the True Blood screen caps (I also was the one who tweeted about it) – is this part of the DreamHost thing?

    1. Yes it is 🙁
      It affects every single page/gallery of our site. Even this homepage gives us 500 error page at times.

  2. Thank you for explaining why there is slow updates. I will be waiting patiently for updates. I love this site. Thanks for the caps.

  3. Hi,

    So glad to see you catching up with Grey’s. It’s the only show I’m invested in enough to want caps, and yours are the best I’ve found. I realize it must be incredibly time consuming to do each episode of so many shows, so I just wanted you to know that your efforts are much appreciated! Many thanks!

  4. Hi guys! I’m just wondering if you replace screen caps sometimes once better quality is available? Like, let’s say, the Supernatural gallery have some really bad caps from some episodes. I know you already got your hands full, but like, do you replace them once dvds come out so you don’t have to have the logos and also the quality is better??

    1. Heya,

      well all SPN caps are actually quality caps. S1-S4 are BluRay caps and the later seasons are HD logo-less caps. So none have logos on them though :O

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