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TV season capping schedule


Heya nutties,

since the new tv season is starting, I wanted to update you on our capping schedule. Who is capping which shows etc. This is just a list of the shows we are capping and not when they will be up. From now on, I’m taking over The Vampire Diaries, which was capped by Janine before. She will finish season 4 though šŸ˜‰

Monday: How I Met Your Mother (Desiree), Castle (Desiree), Hostages (Holly), Sleepy Hollow (Holly),
Tuesday: Supernatural (Soop), The Originals (Holly), Chicago Fire (Holly)
Wednesday: Arrow (Holly),Nashville (Holly), Revolution (Holly), The Tomorrow People (Holly)
Thursday: Elementary (Holly), Glee (Holly – Caps will be up in the weekends), Grey’s Anatomy (Desiree), Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Holly), The Vampire Diaries (Soop)
Friday: Haven (Soop), The Carrie Diaries (Holly), Dracula (Holly)
Sunday: Betrayal (Holly), Once Upon A Time (Holly&Soop)

This list will be updated, after I heard more of our nutties.

8 Comments on “TV season capping schedule

  1. Im excited to see more caps of vampire diaries and the originals. im sad so see that the secret circle is gone i hope you guys bring this awesome caps back…great work here :* in love, jay

  2. Please please please do dcā€™s legends of tomorrow seasons 1-4 (all current seasons) screencaps !! We need them desperately since the end of, and i know i can count on homeofthenutty for the best caps around

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