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Caps + Happy Halloween!!

We have a new nutty in our nutty family. Don’t forget to give Shannon a warm welcome! She will be a great addition to the family and have lots of caps to share.
Also thanks to the others that have applied, we may look for new nutties somewhere in the future again 😉 Feel free to re-apply 🙂

c1 c2
Castle 5.13 Recoil
Castle 6.05 Time Will Tell
Castle 6.06 Get A Clue
Chicago Fire 2.04 A Nuisance Call
Chicago Fire 2.05 Power Of Move
Dracula 1.01 Pilot
Elementary 2.04 Poison Pen
Gilmore Girls Season 1
Gilmore Girls Season 1 Deleted Scenes
Grey’s Anatomy 10.06 Map of You
How I Met Your Mother 6.01 Big Days
How I Met Your Mother 9.06 Knight Vision
How I Met Your Mother 9.07 No Questions Asked
Life Unexpected series reuploaded
Nashville 2.04 You’re No Angel Yourself
Nashville 2.05 Don’t Open That Door
New Girl S1 reuploaded
New Girl 3.06 Keaton
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland 1.02 Trust Me
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland 1.03 Forgot Me Not
Pretty Little Liars 4.13 A Grave New World
Ravenswood 1.01 Pilot
Supernatural I’m No Angel
The Originals 1.04 Interview with the Vampire
The Vampire Diaries 5.04 For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Final Trailer

And ofcourse a happy halloween to those that celebrates it!! ^^

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  1. Hey there, just a question : will you do the screencaps for the three first seasons of Smallville ? 🙂

  2. Can you please do screencaps of The Walking Dead?♡ if you can’t that’s fine, but if you could it would make my account on instagram so much easier. I love this website btw♥

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