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4 Responses to “Caps Updates”

Hi! Just curious, in the app to apply to be a new nutty- when it says “Which shows would you like to cap?” Do I respond with shows you already have on here that I could help out with? Or shows that aren’t on here that I could provide HD Logoless caps for? I just want to be sure before I submit!

Oct 22, 13 at 5:41 am


yes, you can respond with both. New shows for HOTN, you would like to cap and maybe current shows we are having now, that you would like to take over 🙂

Oct 22, 13 at 11:32 am

Okay! Thanks so much! 🙂 I sent in my application (my full name is Shannon, as stated in the app just so ya know) <3

Oct 22, 13 at 5:33 pm

hi 🙂 how much experience is needed? as, i have none. ‘tho with a tiny bit of guidance at the start, i’m sure i’ll pick it up in no time.. and i really would love to help.

Oct 26, 13 at 8:29 am


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