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Caps Updates

First of all, a huge thank you to those that have chipped in to pay for our yearly hosting costs. You are the best!! 🙂

On to our caps updates:

c1 c2


Castle 5.12 Death Gone Crazy
Castle 6.04 Number One Fan
Chuck 4.15 Chuck Versus the Cat Squad
Gilmore Girls 1.03 Kill Me Now
Gilmore Girls 1.04 The Deer Hunters
Gilmore Girls 1.05 Cinnamon’s Wake
Gilmore Girls 1.06 Rory’s Birthday Parties
Grey’s Anatomy 10.04 Puttin’ On The Ritz
Grey’s Anatomy 10.05 I Bet It Stung
How I Met Your Mother 8.07 The Stamp Tramp
How I Met Your Mother 8.08 Twelve Horny Women
How I Met Your Mother 9.05 The Poker Game
New Girl 3.04 The Captain
New Girls 3.05 The Box
Supernatural 9.02 Devil May Cry
The Vampire Diaries 5.03 The Original Sin

We are still looking for new nutties to join our nutty nutty team. Please only apply if you really want to be in it, have time to cap and not go MIA after a short time 🙁 (it will leave us with unfinished shows 🙁

4 Comments on “Caps Updates

  1. Hi! Just curious, in the app to apply to be a new nutty- when it says “Which shows would you like to cap?” Do I respond with shows you already have on here that I could help out with? Or shows that aren’t on here that I could provide HD Logoless caps for? I just want to be sure before I submit!

    1. Heya,

      yes, you can respond with both. New shows for HOTN, you would like to cap and maybe current shows we are having now, that you would like to take over 🙂

      1. Okay! Thanks so much! 🙂 I sent in my application (my full name is Shannon, as stated in the app just so ya know) <3

  2. hi 🙂 how much experience is needed? as, i have none. ‘tho with a tiny bit of guidance at the start, i’m sure i’ll pick it up in no time.. and i really would love to help.

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