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Hello Hello

Why hello nutties. Did you miss our updates?

I (soopie) been on a summer break and I slowly am back to capping again. Although there weren’t any real update posts but Nutty Holly capped a lot behind the scenes. Did you know she’s trying to catch up with Teen Wolf? S4 is currently in progress. Make sure to visit that gallery.

gal2a1 a2


We are also trying to catch up with all other shows and movies too. And we are still, yes, still, are looking for new cappers. Those that applied in the past keep backing out once they got accepted, so that leaves us with no new nutties. APPLY APPLY APPLY. We want to get everything ready before the new tv season is going to start.


Hope you enjoy your summer and get ready for awesome caps updates 🙂
Yours nutty family

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  1. I saw that you have most of S3 and some eps here and there of S1 and S2 for the TV show Haven, but could you finish all of them, please? Each season only has 13 eps instead of the usual 21+, so it’s less capping. Also, could you do S4 (only 13 eps too) as well? Thank you! I really wanna make picspams for this show, but I only wanna use your lovely caps! 🙂

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