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Castle 7.03 Clear and Present Danger
Chicago Fire 3.02 Wow Me
Chicago Fire 3.03 Just Drive The Truck
Chicago Fire 3.04 Apologies Are Dangerou
Chicago Fire 3.05 The Nuclear Option
*NEW* Gotham 1.02 Selina Kyle
*NEW* Gotham 1.03 The Balloonman
*NEW* Gotham 1.04 Arkam
*NEW* Gotham 1.05 Viper
Nashville 3.01 That’s Me Without You
Nashville 3.02 How Far Down Can I Go
Nashville 3.03 I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life
Nashville 3.04 I Feel Sorry for Me
Nashville 3.05 Road Happy
Sleepy Hollow 2.01 This Is War
Sleepy Hollow 2.o2 Kindred
Sleepy Hollow 2.03 Root of All Evil
Sleepy Hollow 2.04 Go Where I Send Thee…
Sleepy Hollow 2.05 Weeping Lady
Supernatural 10.02 Reichenbach
Supernatural 10.03 Soul Survivor
*NEW* Stalker 1.01 Pilot
*NEW* Stalker 1.02 Whatever Happened to Baby James?
*NEW* Stalker 1.03 Manhunt
*NEW* The Flash 1.01 City of Heroes
*NEW* The Flash 1.02 Fastest Man Alive
*NEW* The Flash 1.03 Things You Can’t Outrun
The Originals 2.01 Rebirth
The Originals 2.02 Alive and Kicking
The Originals 2.03 Every Mother’s Son
The Vampire Diaries 6.03 Welcome to Paradise
The Vampire Diaries 6.04 Black Hole Sun

Any (new) shows you like us to cap?
PS. And a happy halloween! 🙂

3 Comments on “Updates!

  1. When will the season four episodes 20-24 for Pretty Little Liars be uploaded? Season 5 is up to date so, just wondering why season four was never finished yet! Thanks ya’ll!!!

  2. when will the rest of the season 6 screencaps will be uploaded? it won’t be long till it will be finished, also love your website, thanks

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