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Various Capture Updates!

Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Arrow, Gotham, Midnight Texas, Station 19, Supergirl, The Flash

Captures of the shows listed above have been added to their respective galleries and links to them and the zips are below. If a zip is down, please comment and I will upload it as soon as I get a chance to. Apologies for the delay in getting these posted, I’ve had a lot of personal things going on.

Arrow Season 7 (7.01 to 7.13)
Zips | Gallery

Chicago Fire
Zips (7.01 to 7.13) and 7.14  | Gallery 

Chicago Med
Zips (4.01 to 4.13) and  (4.14) | Gallery

Zips (5.01 to 5.05) (5.06) | Gallery

Midnight Texas
Zips: (complete season 2) | Gallery

Station 19
Zips: (2.01 to 2.07) | Gallery

Zips: (4.01 to 4.11) | Gallery

The Flash
Zips: (5.01 to 5.13)  (5.14) | Gallery