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Please. Stop with the requests. It’s getting out of hand. I’ve seen people spamming all our pages and posts with requests. Which I had to delete everytime. Just because we make a post tv/movie update, doesn’t mean it’s open for requests. Say thank you at least while you at it.

Thank you.
X Nutty Soop

4 Comments on “NO REQUESTS!

  1. I’m sorry to hear people are being rude and ungrateful! I for one am immensely thankful for the wonderful reference resource you are providing for us fanartists. I’m sorry I haven’t commented before now, but I’ve been using your site for many years, mostly for Supernatural caps, but for others too, and this site is invaluable. So THANK YOU for all your efforts over the years.

  2. Hi! I absolutely love this website and use it all the time, I’m sorry you get people like that, just know you’re appreciated xxx

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