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Thanks for the donations + admin/site note!

A quick shoutout and thanks to those who donated. It helps me a lot with the hosting and server costs. I’m very grateful for your help 🙂
This year was a lot for our site, with the quick growth of screencaps and many many new visitors. I think we hit a breaking record of downtimes in a single year. Eventhough HOTN already have private servers, it still reaches the max capacity. And the only option is to add more servers and money into it. (Besides the yearly hosting costs, I need to pay monthly for the servers too)

But then when is it enough? Home Of The Nutty started and still is just a hobby and a fansite to share the screencaps with all you. But then when the site breaks and everybody freaks out, I am getting overwhelmed at times. And the feeling of pressure to get the site back up as soon as possible. Sometimes it is all a bit too much for me.

To sum it up. HOTN reaches max capacity – site shuts down – our hosting needs to reset it back again. Sometimes the databases will be affected too. So I have to depend on them to fix it. (A day or 2). I have enough money to pay for the servers monthly, but not enough to upgrade and add more servers for the site to work stable! So that’s what have been going on for the past year(s).
So in the end expect HOTN to be down at times and I’ll try to bring it back up asap. That’s all I can do for now. Hope you understand it 🙂

X Nutty Soop

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