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The Conjuring

In celebration of Spooktober (As I myself like to call it), I will be releasing one Conjuring verse movie per week and finishing the others up when I have time. This weeks release is the movie that started it all, the first movie. Next week will be the Conjuring 2! My dear friend Claudia of Never Enough Design was kind enough to send me the movies she capped so I can just sort for the site. Thank you Claudia!

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Thank you for the donations!

Thank you so much to all those who have donated to help us with the hosting costs. We didnd’t expected to reach our goal so fast. A very big thank you to A. for your generous donation.
We can’t thank you enough. And all those who’ve been us throughout these years. Lets go to another year and lets go capping season!

Much love,
Nutty family

Ps. Eventhough this main page isn’t updated often, we’re still capping. So don’t forget to visit the galleries for the updates 😉
And we’re also active on our Twitter > homeofthenutty If you have problems with the galleries/quick questions etc. There’s always a Nutty to reply!