Frequest Asked Questions

What exactly is Home Of The Nutty/HotN ?
Nutty: A group of crazy girls/nutties.

Where do you download your HD files /LOGO-Free files?
Nutty:  Itunes and our own BluRay discs.

How do you play BluRay discs on your computer?
Nutty: You’ll need a BluRay drive/player in your computer.

How do you make such high quality caps?
Nutty: We use the program The KMPlayer.

I’ve tried that, but the quality isn’t as good as yours 🙁
Nutty: The quality pretty much depends on the quality of your dvds/computer/files. Not the program itself.

When are you guys going to update new caps?
Nutty: Like other human beings we have a real life besides the world wide web. We try to provide you guys with caps whenever we can.

The newest episode of (fill in show..) just aired..where are the caps??
Nutty: Yes we know.. (check previous answer) But mostly the newest caps will be up within the following week.

Could you guys cap (fill in show/movie etc..) …?
Nutty: I’m sorry to tell you but we don’t take any requests. Look at the amount of shows/movies we are already doing at the moment.

Have you thought about having a (fill in show..) screencap gallery?
Nutty: We only cap shows we really like and watch ourselves.

Can I have a zip file of (fill in show/movie etc..) …?
Nutty: Yes. Zip files are available at our livejournal though.

Why are some galleries closed and where are the caps?
Nutty: HOTN had a crackdown a few years ago where we lost like 50% of our caps. They were all deleted.

May I ask which Nutty is in charge of a gallery?
Nutty: Why exactly?

Why are some caps in 1080p and some in 720p?
Nutty: 1080p caps are very rare. So when we find a 1080p version we cap this one instead of the 720p version. It is bigger and the quality is much better. Also some Nutties only cap in 720p due to their computers.

I love you guys so much! How can I thank you? Contribute?
Nutty: Just a simple thank you is already appreciated!


Feel free to ask anything you want, feedback, suggestions etc…

17 Comments on “Faqs

  1. Hello.

    Great work with all the caps, I always look through all the SPN ones after each new ep.

    How does one make an account for this website, I’d love to be a member.

    Also, on your last SPN ep. All the caps aren’t there.

  2. Why do you start capping something then not finish ? it’s F**ing annoying
    don’t start something if you not going to finish something

  3. Hi,
    I have see that you not have upload the screencaps fro episode 7 and 8 from Season 10 from Supernatural. Will you upload the pics soon ,

  4. Hi,
    I have see that you not have upload the screencaps for episode 7 and 8 from Season 10 from Supernatural. Will you upload the pics soon ?

  5. I noticed on your The Vampire Diaries season 4 Graduation episode is missing some caps as the others have most or all of them are you going to add more to it? if not then don’t worry about it, I love your website keep up the good work

  6. Hiya. I’ve been using your website for awhile—Harry Potter screencaps. Recently I went onto the tab and it was working fine, then I selected one of the movies, and it said it was a critical error. I was wondering why this is happening?

  7. For some reason none of the Harry Potter screencaps are showing up. Do you know why that is or if there’s any way it could be fixed? I can get to a list of all the HP movies but when I click on one it says there’s a critical error. It hasn’t happened with any of your other movies or shows just HP. I’d really appreciate it if there was any way you could make it possible for me to see the HP screencaps.

  8. The new layout is a lot more difficult to navigate on mobile to the point where I don’t even want to use HOTN because the screen doesn’t fit my phone and searching for screencaps is a lot harder. Which is a shame because I actively use this website to make edits.

  9. I would love if you guys could get The End of the F****ing World screencaps up!! It’s a very good series and a lot of fans are uprising. I love this site and this would be my go to for them .

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