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Welcome to HOTN, Home Of The Nutty.

One of the first sites to find your HQ/HD screencaps. Hosting many popular tv shows and movies since 2007.
Providing HD/BluRay logo-less screencaps.

Who are the nutties?
Sopheap (soopie/Soopke)
Desiree (hydrogens/carbons)
Holly (alionslove)

– Did you know the first show we capped was Gilmore Girls?
– Did you know we all met each other through Fan Forum?
– Did you know we lost many great nutties, but met awesome new nutties along the way?
– Did you know we cap 20+ shows at the moment?
– Did you know we have over 1.000.000 screencaps?
– Did you know green is actually our trademark color?

Frequest Asked Questions

What exactly is Home Of The Nutty/HotN ?
Nutty: A group of crazy girls/nutties.

Where do you download your HD files /LOGO-Free files?
Nutty:  Itunes and the web.

How do you play BluRay discs on your computer?
Nutty: You’ll need a BluRay drive/player in your computer.

How do you make such high quality caps?
Nutty: We use the program The KMPlayer.

I’ve tried that, but the quality isn’t as good as yours 🙁
Nutty: The quality pretty much depends on the quality of your dvds/computer/files. Not the program itself.

When are you guys going to update new caps?
Nutty: Real life stuff got in the way. We try to provide you guys with caps whenever we can.

The newest episode of (fill in show..) just aired..where are the caps??
Nutty: Yes we know.. (check previous answer) But mostly the newest caps will be up within the following week.

Could you guys cap (fill in show/movie etc..) …?
Nutty: I’m sorry to tell you but we don’t take any requests. Look at the amount of shows/movies we are already doing at the moment.

Have you thought about having a (fill in show..) screencap gallery?
Nutty: We only cap shows we really like and watch ourselves.

Can I have a zip file of (fill in show/movie etc..) …?
Nutty: Yes. Ofcourse 🙂

Why are some galleries closed and where are the caps?
Nutty: HOTN had a crackdown a few years ago where we lost like 50% of our caps. Some nutties left our team, which results in unfinished capped shows 🙁

Why are some caps in 1080p and some in 720p?
Nutty: 1080p caps are very rare. So when we find a 1080p version we cap this one instead of the 720p version. It is bigger and the quality is much better. Also some Nutties only cap in 720p due to their computers.

I love you guys so much! How can I thank you? Contribute?
Nutty: Just a simple thank you is already appreciated!


Feel free to ask anything you want, feedback, suggestions etc…