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Welcome to HOTN, Home Of The Nutty.

One of the first sites to find your HQ/HD screencaps. Hosting many popular tv shows and movies since 2007.
Providing HD/BluRay logo-less screencaps.

Who are the nutties?
Sopheap (soopie/Soopke)
Janine (janine83)
Desiree (hydrogens/carbons)
Holly (alionslove)

– Did you know the first show we capped was Gilmore Girls?
– Did you know we all met each other through Fan Forum?
– Did you know we were one of the first who capped shows in HD format?
– Did you know we lost many great nutties, but met awesome new nutties along the way?

– Did you know we cap 20+ shows at the moment?
– Did you know we have over 1.000.000 screencaps?
– Did you know green is actually our trademark color?