Want to Be A Nutty?

With so few nutties and so many shows to cap, we can't keep up with the caps updates anymore.
So we really need a new nutty who would join our family. Please only apply if you are 100% sure you can help us out and don't bail out on us later.!!
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7 Comments on “Want to Be A Nutty?

  1. Hey, if you still needed help I’d be up for helping 🙂 I have a screen capping Instagram which I update after TV episodes air (mainly TVD and PLL but I also cap other shows) so am used to being up to date!

  2. I think it’s truly amazing what you guys do, I don’t know how you do it, and do all those screencaps and a whole bunch of episodes and movies but THANKYOU and you guys are awesome. Thanks for making our lives easier 🙂

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