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Heya nutties,

we wanna thank those for the generous donations. We’ve upgraded our server with the donated money and as you can tell the site is working better now, no more errors (hopefully). We are still monitoring the stats of the site, to see if there are still errors and if we need to upgrade it more. So we hope to be back as normal again 🙂

We will also bring back the TV gallery. Are there any shows you want us to move back to our home?

eta: One of our nutties made a poll for shows to cap. Make sure to vote or leave a comment there to your likening 🙂

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as you have noticed we’re back. Sadly, the site is down every few minutes, it’s because we’re exceeding our host limits. Eventhough we deleted lots of galleries/caps from our site, the usage is still very high.
We still have to change the usage settings to keep within our monthly budget. We just don’t want to pay too much for this. We hope we can settle this or otherwise the site will remain down every few minutes.

We will focus on somewhat completes/huge galleries from now on. We might bring back some deleted shows to our site, just for viewing pleasure, but don’t think we will update it anymore.
And the other news is, that most of our cappers are somewhat MIA at the moment. So we can be slow with updates, but we will keep the site open 🙂


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we know, this frustrates us as much as you are feeling. The site been exceeding his monthly memory bandwidth a lot the couple of months. So now we have to downgrade our server back to normal.While doing this we have to temporary close down the galleries for a couple of days.

The site been down waaaaay to many times. Maybe it’s just not meant to be 🙁
But we are trying to work things out. Sorry for all the convenience.

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Hi nutties,

well as many of you noticed the site been verrrrry slow lately. DreamHost is currently in the middle of moving to new servers, while trying to make a painless move. Some sites will expect slow loading.
Our site is one of them, since we are a big site. We hope to be back to normal asap!

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Hi there,

just wanted to update you guys and makes things straight. Lots of people been “bugging” us about our slow caps/ not updated caps.
We started this site when we were in school and in our younger years. It’s been like 5 years later and things has changed.
Most of us are working now, which means we don’t have that much time to cap anything. We try to cap these in our free little time.

So most of you are asking why we don’t add any more cappers to our Nutty family?
1. This site started as a family site with people we know.
2. It’s because this site isn’t a cap storage site. We don’t want to cap too many things. Everything will be too clustered. More caps = more costs to the site.
3. We are very picky with our caps. There are lots of cap sites out there nowadays. But either their caps are too little/too many, not sorted, no quality.
We, nutties, are having the same cap style.

Then comes the requests part. The main reason is, we just don’t have the time! If we are already slow with the current caps, how much slower will we be when we add more shows to the site?
We are also one of the few cappers out there that actually sort the caps, instead of just auto-capping and post it. It takes time to sort all these caps and to recap certain scenes.
And even if you do request something make sure it is not in DVD quality. We only provide HD/BluRay caps.

There are times that we are losing interests, thats what 5 years of capping do. But we’re still hanging there for now
Just please be patient, the caps will be up eventually. We are just not that “nutty” as we were before.


PS. New layout featuring the lovely Gilmore Girls 🙂