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Hi there,

just wanted to update you guys and makes things straight. Lots of people been “bugging” us about our slow caps/ not updated caps.
We started this site when we were in school and in our younger years. It’s been like 5 years later and things has changed.
Most of us are working now, which means we don’t have that much time to cap anything. We try to cap these in our free little time.

So most of you are asking why we don’t add any more cappers to our Nutty family?
1. This site started as a family site with people we know.
2. It’s because this site isn’t a cap storage site. We don’t want to cap too many things. Everything will be too clustered. More caps = more costs to the site.
3. We are very picky with our caps. There are lots of cap sites out there nowadays. But either their caps are too little/too many, not sorted, no quality.
We, nutties, are having the same cap style.

Then comes the requests part. The main reason is, we just don’t have the time! If we are already slow with the current caps, how much slower will we be when we add more shows to the site?
We are also one of the few cappers out there that actually sort the caps, instead of just auto-capping and post it. It takes time to sort all these caps and to recap certain scenes.
And even if you do request something make sure it is not in DVD quality. We only provide HD/BluRay caps.

There are times that we are losing interests, thats what 5 years of capping do. But we’re still hanging there for now
Just please be patient, the caps will be up eventually. We are just not that “nutty” as we were before.


PS. New layout featuring the lovely Gilmore Girls 🙂

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The first show is FRIENDS, which is just released in awesome blu-ray quality!

The other show is the amazing The Walking Dead. Raaawr.

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We have a new gallery and new shows moving to our home.

The first is TheCW’s new show: Arrow

Nashville and 666th Avenue coming soon, but those will probably be moving in to the TV and Sci-Fi Gallery.


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Don’t know if it necessary to make another post but what the heck, we are back 🙂

Our hardware of the server crashed and had to be restored. Luckily everything is back to normal again.
Just in case this will ever happening again, bookmark our livejournal for the latest updates> http://homeofthenutty.livejournal.com/

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Wow, I never thought we could have reach our goal so fast in just a week!
We would like to thank these 7 awesome nutties for their kindness and generosity.

– Rebecca, USA
– Barbara, Austria
– Renae, Australia
– Vicky, USA
– Barbara, USA
– Ellen, Belgium (A biiig thank you!!)
– Harue, Brazil

We couldn’t have done it without you guys!! And I’m sure that all the nutties around the world would appreciate it too.

Big hugs from the nutty crew 🙂

PS.Everybody ready for the new tv season? It’s going to be a promising year with lots of new tvshows and seasons. And sadly season finales too.