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January 8, 2012 admin 5 Comments All

A new layout for the new year, featuring the gorgeous Kristen Stewart. Still need some fixing on the layout.

Another huge news is that we have found a new NUTTY to join our lovely nutty family.  We also wanted to thank all those who have applied. The amount of applies were insane. It is really good to know that there are so many generous nutties out there. It also was a hard decision to pick a new nutty. So do don’t be disappointed, we may look for a new nutty in the future and feel free to apply again, once we have an open spot 🙂

We picked out Holly out of all applies. We think she can contribute a lot to the site and the nutties out there.
(And we really weren’t kidding about the contribution, because she’s going to cap American Horror Story, which we have seen mentioned a lot in the tagboard! And there are some other shows coming too! ) Give her a big welcome!

The tv show, New Girl is also available in our TV Gallery. Check it out. And we recently starting capping Chuck too, which has its own gallery!

As you can see 2012 is going great and we have lots of moreee goodies to come! We won’t spill and spoil it, so be sure to come back soon!  See you in the next update!

December 24, 2011 admin 5 Comments All

Thanks to all nutties for all the amazing support and feedback we got through the years. We had our ups and downs, our crazy times, our sad times and ofcourse our happy times. After all these times, we finally manage to be stable now. Everything is going well, which means………..*drum roll* HOME OF THE NUTTY WILL BE HERE NEXT YEAR!!!!

Ofcourse we will bring you nutties lots of more goodies to our home. New nutty will be joining the team (ps, if you still want to reply, hurry up, it’s open until the end of the year)…Maaaaaany more glorious caps!!


November 23, 2011 admin 3 Comments All

November 17, 2011 admin 2 Comments All

We are reqruiting!!

Yes. The time is here. Always wanted to join HOTN? Well this is your chance.
We are looking for 1 or 2 new nutties to join the Nutty Crew.
This is probably the one and final time we are reqruiting. A very rare opportunity as you can see. Do you have what it takes to be part of the crazy nutty crew? Be part of one of the biggest screencaps site on the net?

Since this is an important thing for us, we’re going to go through all the “auditions” carefully and hopes to announce the new nutty soon.

So hurry up, audition/apply before someone is taking your Nutty spot!


November 9, 2011 admin 5 Comments All

I’ve looked through every single comment on the previous update. Thanks everybody for the suggestions and replies. I’ve picked a few (popular) ones that I’m interested it.
There were a few good shows that were on the list, but they are sadly not in HD/Bluray quality > Mostly the old theWB shows. So I don’t think we can add them any time soon. Or some shows are capped by many others already.

I’m also surprised by the many requests for The Big Bang Theory. We had a gallery for the show a few weeks ago, but it barely got any hits and feedback. So we didn’t think it was popular.
So anyways on to the poll!

[poll id=”4″]

November 2, 2011 admin 103 Comments All

As the title says. I can’t promise you anything. But are there any shows out there, that you would like us to cap?

LEAVE A COMMENT. Let’s see which shows are capworthy 🙂