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Supernatural 2.13 “Houses Of The Holy

How I Met Your Mother 6.03 “Unfinished”

Life Unexpected 2.03 “Criminal Incriminated”

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Haven 1.11 The Trial Of Audrey Parker

Smallville 10.01 Lazarus

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Fringe 3.01 Olivia

Grey’s Anatomy 7.01 With You I’m Born Again

Supernatural 6.01 Exile On Main Street

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Bones 6.01 The Mastodon in the Room

Glee 2.01 Audition

Gossip Girl 4.02 Double Identity

The Vampire Diaries 2.03 Bad Moon Rising

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TV shows are finally coming back to our screen! Here are caps of the wonderful Life Unexpected season two premiere, enjoy!

Life Unexpected 2.01 “Oceans Uncharted”