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July 16, 2011 admin 1 Comment All

And we HIT 100 likes at Facebook. Keep liking us Nutties! You are the reason that motivates us to continue capping 🙂 THANKS!

Gilmore Girls is back up after all those years. The main reason why Home Of The Nutty excisted in the first place 🙂 Coffee anyone?

July 11, 2011 admin 0 Comment All

Because we had some troubles with the webspace and host. We decided to move some shows to its own gallery. The following shows are:

We will probably move some more. So be sure to check out HOTN, nutties 🙂

June 26, 2011 admin 0 Comment All

As you nutties have noticed, we have a new layout that fits this summer 🙂
Be sure to check out the TV Shows Gallery with its new layout!

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Just because some shows doesn’t have its own gallery, doesn’t mean we nutties haven’t capped it yet. The tvshows are in the TV gallery, which most of you forget about it. Here is a list of shows that are available in the TV gallery.

Friday Night Lights
How I Met Your Mother
Life Unexpected
Pretty Little Liars
Rookie Blue
Skins UK
The Big Bang Theory
White Collar

We also got lots of questions why certain shows has its own gallery and why some not?
Those are mostly shows that are popular (well in our opinion 😉 ), shows that are popular on the net. And shows that’s been going on for a few seasons already or are too big to put in the TV gallery.

June 8, 2011 admin 0 Comment All

We’ve deleted the old facebook fanpage. The NEW one is up. LIKE?


June 6, 2011 admin 0 Comment All

The gallery. 🙂