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Dear Nutties.

Soopie, the admin speaking here. PLEASE READ!!

I have decided to remain the site open, well it least until the end of the year. In the meantime I got time to think about what I want to do with it.ย  In these 3 months I am able to keep tracks on my statics and what I would pay monthly, we have recently upgraded to a private server, which cost a lot more. According to the monthly uses I can decide wether I want to keep it or not. (aka main problem is, high trafficked site, not enough money to pay for it)

I’ve started Home Of The Nutty for fun and put a lot of work and time in it + My fellow Nutties cappers: Janine+Desiree. Remember the crackdown last year? Imagine the deadly hours we have put to transfer all the caps to our new host. The backing up of caps, saving databases, mysqls. The constant mails to the support teams. If I knew this all beforehand, I would have never think of starting a capping site!

And then…the capping part. Oh boy, where do I start. I think this takes the most amount of time. Home Of The Nutty, hmm isn’t that the site that are posting HQ logo-less screencaps, yes, but have you ever looked further then that? Not only me but the whole team are very precisely when it comes to capping. We never post un-sorted caps. We actually take our “free” time off to go through every single screencap. I always re-cap frame by frame just to get a certain scene/shot. This shows how much we are a devoted cap team! Capping, sorting, uploading…there goes 3 hours of a day. I LOVE THE NUTTY CREW!

Yet, we get about 10.000 visitors a month and we get very rare comments/credits. But when our site is offline, all nutties are going nutts..literally!! People come and snag. It’s just nice to know what or whom we are doing it for.

Since the upgrade to the new server, I have decided to temporary (or maybe forever) close a few galleries. These are the galleries that barely got any visits. Will keep you updated.

All the nutties that have mailed us/comment on LJ, thank you! We have read every single of them and there were a lot of great feedbacks and suggestions!! I will put some into inconsideration. And the reqruiting part, I just have to delay it for a bit. Just until I figured everything out!


ps: All galleries are offline now, will be up VERY SOON.

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Thank you of the bottom of our hearts for those 9 people that have donated. Especially the one kind nutty that made a huge donation. You guys are awesome. Thanks to you we can continue doing what we are doing. Providing YOU with the best screencaps!! And adding many more goodies to the site. LETS START WITH TERRA NOVA, SHALL WE?

x HOTN Crew

(PS, note to donators, donโ€™t forget to mail us [email protected] for any request(s) of your choice.

K.B, The U.S
A. T, Sweden
R.P, Australia
B.T, Unknown
L.H, The U.S
K.V, The U.S
E.W, The U.S
R.S, Hungary
A.B, The U.S

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New galleries and layouts

We are reqruiting!!

Yes. The time is here. Always wanted to join HOTN? Well this is your chance.
We are looking for 1 or 2 new nutties to join the Nutty Crew.
This is probably the one and final time we are reqruiting. A very rare opportunity as you can see. Do you have what it takes to be part of the crazy nutty crew? Be part of one of the biggest screencaps site on the net?

Since this is an important thing for us, we’re going to go through all the “auditions” carefully and hopes to announce the new nutty at the end of next month or so.

So hurry up, audition/apply before someone is taking your Nutty spot!


We’ve also set up new galleries for a couple of tv shows.

How I Met Your Mother

Rookie Blue

White Collar

Also, be sure to check out the new layouts at the following galleries:
Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Glee, The Secret Circle, TV Shows

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New layout and shows!

First of all thanks to everybody that donated so far. Doesn’t care how much you can help out, every little bit is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

New layout as you can see.ย  Back to the original Home Of The Nutty colors and one that fits this tv season. Not 100% done, still need lots of fixes.
We have started capping 2 new shows. The CW’s,ย  The Secret Circle and Ringer. Don’t forget to check them out.

Do you know a show that is capworthy? Preferably a new show, tag us or mail to: [email protected]