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The Conjuring

In celebration of Spooktober (As I myself like to call it), I will be releasing one Conjuring verse movie per week and finishing the others up when I have time. This weeks release is the movie that started it all, the first movie. Next week will be the Conjuring 2! My dear friend Claudia of Never Enough Design was kind enough to send me the movies she capped so I can just sort for the site. Thank you Claudia!

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The 100 Captures – Not Moving Forward At This Time

Due to recent events surrounding the show, I have decided to not proceed with capping the last season. I apologize to anyone that is looking forward to it but I have no will to continue with it. It might get done by another capper in the future, but for now, it will not. This is all that will be said concerning them. Thank you for understanding.

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