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January 16, 2017 admin 1 Comment Site

Hi Nutties,

first of all, best wishes to the new year. We hope 2017 will bring you all happiness, luck and good health.
On to the site news. As you may have noticed the slowness/downtime of our site was absolutely terrible for the past few months. Especially for us cappers, who had to re-upload the screencaps multiple times because of the site going down. Not so much fun! The main problem is that we keep going over our server limit, the site traffic we are having and the amount of screencaps going up.
That’s what happen when your site is almost 10 years old. (It’s this March! YAY! Will you join our nutty party??)
We’re trying to get Home Of The Nutty back as it was before. Faster loading, no more downtime and more updates as we can. To get to this, we have to expand our server and increase our hosting costs. So we are asking for a little donation. We are aiming for an extra of $30 a month.
We understand that not everyone can afford to donate, but we sincerely appreciate any support we can get. You can use the donate button on the right, or use this link below.


Thanks again. Thanks for all the amazing support you guys have been giving us for the past few years. The beautiful things you do with our screencaps. For art, references, recaps, review sites etc. (You can #homeofthenutty, we like to check out your work!) On to many more NUTTY years with us!

(btw, we still need nutty cappers, feel free to apply!)

Much love,
The Nutty Team

Sorry for the delay in adding these everyone! Here’s a complete run down of all the captures I’ve added along with the galleries. We are currently up to date with the current seasons for these shows now!

The Flash: Gallery | Zips
Arrow: Gallery | Zips
Chicago Med: Gallery | Zips
Chicago Fire: Gallery | Zips
Bates Motel: Gallery | Zips
Shadowhunters: Gallery | Zips
Sleepy Hollow: Gallery | Zips
Blindspot: Gallery | Zips

In between sorting tv shows that I’ve been working to catch up on, I’ve taken breaks and sorted a few movies that I’ve needed for projects of my own on the side. No fancy image I’m afraid for these, so I’ll just list them!

  • The Lazarus Effect: Gallery | Zip – Please note this movie contains some graphic scenes!
  • Aloft: Gallery | Zip
  • The Midnight Meat Train: Gallery | Zips: 1 and 2 – Please note this movie contains some graphic scenes!
  • The Intruders: Gallery | Zip
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2013): Gallery | Zips: 1 and 2
  • Tomorrowland: Gallery | Zips: 1 and 2