What’s Coming?

This page is just to give you a little insight into what the nutty’s have coming up for you. This is not a invitation to send a email and ask when something is going to be up. Please remember that we have personal lives as well and those always come first and foremost.

  • Smallville – Seasons 1 to 3 (capped by Holly)
  • Orphan Black – Seasons 2 and 3 (capped by Holly)
  • Once Upon a Time – Seasons 1-4, readds (capped by Holly)
  • The Borgias – Seasons 1-3 (capped by Holly)
  • Vampire Diaries – Remaining seasons (capped by Soop)
  • Good Trouble – Seasons 1-2 (capped by Senko)
  • Grand Army – Season 1 (capped by Senko)
  • Hit the Floor – Seasons 1-4 (delayed indefinitely)
  • Game of Keys – Season 1 (delayed indefinitely)