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HOTN galleries updates and more!

Hi Nutties. Happy first day of October!
We’re 4 weeks further from the time we shut down our site. These last 4 weeks was very unfortunate and stressful for us, Nutty fam. Thanks all for the lovely support, the sweet messages and the patience. You guys were so cool about it without burdening us more ❤️

We are about 50% done with uploading and having everything up and ready. We also finished a few galleries. Sadly, some databases were broken, so gallery stats were lost in the process. We are currently still uploading and working on the remaining shows/galleries, which will be up later this month. And new galleries coming…stay tuned!

Last note, because we are still working on the site. We don’t know when there will be new screencaps updates, since we didn’t had time to cap anything. Our main focus is to bring back HOTN and caps updates will come later! 😉

Galleries that are online:

Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
Harry Potter
Teen Wolf

Again; Pls, no requests, no asking for a specific show gallery, no asking when it will be back up. Just know, that we are working on it! 😄 ENJOY!

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Nutty Fam ❤️

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